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Demos by Mail

   Affordable, Professional Music Production

"It is really incredible what you get for this price!
Michael Bauer, Switzerland
"A great find for out-of-towners. Highly recommended!"
Jack Bond, Silver Springs, MD

   Whether you live in Paris, Texas or Paris, France....Rome, Georgia or Rome, Italy... now you can get a professionally done demo of your song from "Music City": Nashville,Tennessee.

    Nashville has one of the greatest talent pools in the world, so you can rest assured that the people bringing your creation to life will be first rate. Besides seasoned studio singers and players, you'll have an experienced engineer and producer using state-of-the-art equipment. In short, all the elements necessary for great sounding recordings.

    I offer two types of song demos. The simpler, and therefore less expensive type, consists of a lead vocal and one accompanying instrument, typically a guitar or piano. The other type is a full band production, fleshing out the arrangement with bass and drums, and/or whatever is most appropriate for your particular song.

More Customer Comments

"Thanks to the versions Tom created from my rough songs, I am enjoying a certain amount of success as a songwriter. One song has been #2 on the ECMA charts in Italy and Spain. Another was a winner in VH-1's Song of the Year contest. And a third landed me a job as a staff writer for Ginger Creek Records."
Paul Wilson, Lauderdale Lake, FL
"Tom transforms song ideas and rough recordings into first-class professional demos. As a songwriter, I have appreciated all of the helpful suggestions he has offered. The end result has always been something better than I'd imagined. Tom surrounds himself with some of the best musicians & vocalists in Nashville and he never compromises quality. For songwriters looking for professional demos, he delivers exceptional value."
Rob McIlroy, Verona, PA
"Tom provides an incredibly valuable service for songwriters around the world. On three occasions I have sent Tom three completely different songs and he has nailed 'em every time. Outstanding musicians, great recordings, and fast turnaround time. I'm blown away!"
Bob Cother, Semaphore SA, Australia
"Over the past year, Demos by Mail has consistently exceeded my expectations. Tom Manche's wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with the pool of talent from which he has to draw make for a dynamic combination. I highly recommend Demos by Mail to any songwriter who wants to give their song an edge."
Bruce Journagan, Clovis, NM
"Tom transitioned my rough demos into full-blown productions and saved me the time, hassle and money I would have spent had I attempted to do this locally. He is a man of his word-- everything was on-time and he delivered quality beyond my expectations. As a producer & engineer he is top-notch. I would highly recommend his services."
Mike Semanski, New Jersey
"Contact Tom Manche for quality unsurpassed and friendly advice from a real human being that knows what your work means to you. I like dealing with a pro."
Betty E. Beaty, Alabama
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Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?
   Don't worry, no appendages are in danger. The simple demo costs $225, and the full production is $450. If you want to add your vocal on your own and just want a full production track without a vocal it's $375.

Does your Nashville address mean everything will come out country?
   Heck, no. Tom spent twenty-five years in Los Angeles playing and producing rock, R&B, folk, jazz, funk, pop, blues--you name it. Your demo can be in any style.

What do I need to send in?
   Basically, anything that would help me deliver a version of your song that's as good (or better!) than the version in your head. That would include:

    • a legible lyric sheet.
    • a version of the melody. This could be you singing into a cheapo recorder or a rudimentary lead sheet.
    • chord changes (if you know them). If you don't, you can give me free rein to find something fitting.
    • style preference, and any special requests or suggestions, e.g. "bluesy female vocal," "I'd love a country fiddle", or "heavy  metal drums." Just let me know--I aim to please. Of course, outlandish requests ("I really hear a 40-piece marching band on the chorus") may require additional fees. And, oh yeah:
    • You can pay below via secured credit card or Paypal. Or, send a check or money order for the appropriate amount.
Here's the address:

Demos by Mail
PO Box 160965
Nashville, TN 37216

How do I know if my song is ready to be demoed?
   Here's is an article I wrote to assist you in your pre-recording process: Are You Ready To Do A Demo?

I have more questions, can I write you?
Of course, send additional questions to me.

Can I hear some examples of work you've done?
   Absolutely--check out samples in the audio player below.