1. Good Dog
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I've got two good dogs at the moment, but there are way too many other good dogs who could use a little TLC.


Good Dog

I've got a good dog, a really good dog.
Why, a couple years back he was digging in the yard, a few feet down he hit something hard. Lo and behold it's a chest full of treasure, and all of a sudden I'm a man of leisure, indulging every little fantasy. I suspect you folks just might agree, I've got a good dog.
I bought a big house, a really big house.
Sits on top of my own private mountain--49 rooms, but then, who's countin'? It's got a swimming pool, a tennis court, a bowling alley and a heliport; a 55 foot IMAX screen and the biggest dadgum doghouse you've ever seen. 'Cuz he's a good dog.
I found a sweet wife, a really sweet wife.
'Cuz when you've got a big house and a stellar hound the ladies they tend to come around. So I dated two or three or ten, had some bigtime fun and then found the one who made me quiver, and said I'd love to live life wiv 'er as my sweet wife.
Y'know what she said? She said yeah, yeah, yeah.
I've got a great life, a really great life.
I've got my health and a loving spouse (& don't forget that big 'ol house), lotsa friends and a fancy car, lotsa songs from this here guitar. But after all is said and done, when I list my blessings I'd say number one would have to be that good dog. 'Cuz he's a good dog, a really good dog.