1. My New CD


My New CD

Who wants to buy my new CD?
It took a year to make it now
It’s greeted with ennui.

My new CD doesn’t mean what it did before
‘Cuz my new CD is just one of a million more
But if you’ve got just fifteen bucks to spare
Show me that you care.

I poured out my heart & soul
Emptied out my rainy day fund
And if they don’t sell at all
I’ll dump ‘em in the Cumberland.

My new CD’s meant to be something beautiful
My new CD’s s’posed to be my dream coming true
But if the world won’t ever hear its tunes
I’ll play it just for you.

My new CDs fill the space underneath my bed
And my new CDs are a format that’s nearly dead
But if you thought I’m beaten you’d be wrong
‘Cuz I’ve started working on…

My new CD, my new CD, my new CD.