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Most families I know have some version of this song going on. Let's be on the lookout for things we can agree on, even if it's only pie.


The Other Side of the Table

It happens on Thanksgiving, again at Christmas too
We meet at Mom’s for dinner in the old house we all knew
My brothers both will be there and we’ll all bring our wives
We’ll catch up on the little things been happening in our lives
And as long as they stay little we’re okay

We talk about the turkey and praise the pumpkin pie
Comment on the changes on the block as time goes by
But sure as we’re all sittin’ there, at some point it heads south
When a pointed observation escapes from someone’s mouth
That’s always when the stuffing hits the fan

Then the other side of the table
Seems a million miles away
When we start to share opinions
On the issues of the day
We stare right at each other
But we can’t see eye to eye
With the other side of the table

Now Kenny’s come to Jesus---it comes up quite a bit
Creeps into every topic even when it doesn’t fit
Brother Bob’s a gun nut---says we’re on the road to ruin
And all them g.d. liberals don’t know what the hell they’re doin’
That’s about when things start getting loud

With both brothers and their spouses all spouting their two cents
I counter all their notions with my lefty arguments
They think I’m quite the commie and sure to fry in hell
And I think they’re delusional and dangerous as well
And mom just does her best to keep the peace

‘Cuz the other side of the table…etc

I’d like to think we’re bigger than the stupid flames we fan
That when all is said & done we’re still one big happy clan
So we agree to disagree and share a second round of pie
With the other side of the table
(Ahh, the healing power of pie)