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The Night They Blew Up the Stardust

Back in ’59 it was in its prime
The top spot on the Strip
It was The place to go, guaranteed to show
A hot time to the hip
But the wheel spins in the desert winds
And its cool began to slip
‘Til it got to the spot where a vacant lot
Would be better than an old marquee
So they wired her up from toe to top
With tons of TNT
The night they blew up the Stardust

Back in ’63 you’d be apt to see
The Rat Pack working blue
The band’d swing, and Sinatra’d sing
Then bring up Dean & Sammy too
They’d drink & joke and laugh & smoke
And do a little shoo-be-doo
And I lay 4 to 1 they were having fun
High in heaven’s lounge
Watching their favorite house of cards
Come a-crashing to the ground
The night they blew up the Stardust

All over the city a ghostly cloud did hang
As the golden age of Vegas ended with a bang.

The hicks and the hip both lined the Strip
Just so they could see
This one last time the old girl
Was the hottest spot to be
The night they blew up the Stardust

© tom manche