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written with Pete Frega


Country Boy's Love

I left my home and flew to Rome
Those Italian boys sure look fine.
Armani ties, easy on the eyes,
And quick with the pick-up line.

And those English lads they ain't half bad
I love to hear 'em talk
Though I've seen the world, I'm a Heartland girl
Home is where I hang my heart.

‘Cuz a country boy's love is a powerful thing
Strong as a tractor, pure as the rain,
Sweet as honey, warm as the sun,
And I'm never gonna stray
From a country boy's love.

In the L.A. sand I met a surfer man,
Blonde and six feet tall
A real mellow dude, but when he made a move
I said, "Ain't gonna happen y'all."

There was that millionaire with a Wall Street flair
Wanted me to be his bride.
He bought me New York steak
I said, "Yeah that's great,
but I'd rather have it chicken fried."


When those big city boys try to make a play,
They don’t get the time of day