1. I Can't Swim
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I can’t swim.
There, I’ve gone and said it—I can’t swim.
It’s been my deepdark secret
A sad landlubber’s shame
The sirens of the seven seas have never called my name
When friends have poolside parties
I’m nowhere to be found
Choosing to be by myself, safe on solid ground
I’ve tried to learn at least a dozen times over the years
Always ending flailing, gasping, drowning in my fears
I’ve spent near half a century
Avoiding all deep water
Trying to stay dry, ‘cause I can’t swim.

Now here you are.
The answer to a prayer—here you are.
It feels as if I’m in a dream
My clothes have all been shed
Perched up on the high dive, my toes over the edge
I dare a quick glance downward
To the nightmare blue below
But refuse to climb back down again--it’s time that I let go
Now I could say “I love you”
And mean it from my core
But there’s a better phrase that would signify much more
So I take the biggest breath I can
And as I hold it in
I speak three little words:
I can’t swim.