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Wrapping Up Christmas

Now that the holiday’s history
Another one for the books
I linger in my living room
For one last wistful look
At the Christmas decorations
We put up every year
Little family treasures
That summon so much cheer

There’s Grampa’s old Lionel train set
Encircling the base of the tree
It’s all toots and clacks as it shoots ‘round the tracks
Just cruisin’ with no place to be.

And wasn’t this year’s tree amazing?
An 8-footer we bought from the scouts
I’d say it’s as fine an example of pine
As exists in the county, no doubt

But now we’re wrapping up Christmas
Taking the Christmas tree down
Carefully roll up the red and green lights
Fill all the ornament boxes just right
Stack ‘em back up in the attic so tight
It’s time we got around to wrapping up
Wrapping up Christmas

We’ve got yards of green & gold garland
A big pinecone wreath for the door
Some fake mistletoe, a Styrofoam snowman
A Nutcracker soldier and more

There’s the ratty old rooftop Santa
That plywood purveyor of cheer
Had him since 1980, we all think he’s great
He’s a shoo-in to show up next year

But for now we’re wrapping up Christmas
I’ll miss the good vibes in the air
Sweep up the ashes of one more yule log
Savor the last of my special eggnog
Take the cute Santa Claus hat off the dog
People everywhere are wrapping up
Wrapping up Christmas

Oh, we’re wrapping up Christmas
Away with the manger scene
Joseph and Mary get swaddled in socks
Shepherds and wise men get packed with the ox
I give baby Jesus his own little box
‘Cuz, well, He is the King
Let’s wrap Him up
Pack all the Yuletide trappings up
We’re wrapping up
Wrapping up Christmas

© tom manche